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Big Day Out was Grand

well i'm fully recovered from Big Day Out. And of course it was excellent. Absoloutley loved Gerling's set really wanna see them in their own show. Kings of Leon, White Stripes, Sarah Blasko,The Grates, Mars Volta were also amazing. Blasko sounds exactly the same live as on her cd. Franzie Pants were good but i don't think they had their sound shit together u could hear the music more than the vocals. I wore my Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt pink with "I like your sleeves, they're real big". Soo many looks and 3 people pulled me up to check it out and say how fantastic it was. Funny stuff. Soo many "Vote for Pedro" t-shirts and one "Your Mom goes to college". It was pretty damn hot though i put sunscreen on but i got all sweaty and gross so now my cheeks and neck are a little pinkyish. Hilltop Hoods were really good too, their were a few clashes so i didn't get to see alot of Mars or Cog. The cog crowd reminded me of Daniel. All these tough looking blokes u wouldn't wanna mess with. I caught the train back home and then had 15 mins to get ready for work. But i made it through and am all set for nxt yr.
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