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Bitch Bitch rabble rabble

Time: 9:19pm

Date: 12.09.05

Age: 22

Birthday: 29/09/1982

School/College: no

Shoe Size: 10

< ------------------HAVE YOU EVER----------------- >

Ever been so drunk you blacked out: No , does that make me boring should i not be sober right now

Missed school because it was raining: no

Put a body part on fire for amusement: no i'm only amused at other people being injured only in sporting events

Been hurt emotionally: yes , surprise i have a heart

Kept a secret from everyone: Yes.

Had an imaginary friend: apparently

Cried during a Movie?: Often.

Had crush on a teacher: the janitor he was hot ok

Ever thought an animated character was hot?: yeah ariels fella in the little mermaid

Been on stage: Yes.

< ------------------------FAVORITES--------------------- >

Shampoo: dove

Colour: purple

Day/Night: Night.

Fave Cartoon/Animal Character: Homer J Simpson

Fave Food: eggplant lasagna

Fave Advertisement: The snickers add i love those guys i wanna marry the really hot one with dark hair, i love the snickers add with the japanese guys in it too

Fave Movie: donnie darko

Fave pop: dr pepper

Person to talk to online: Vince, Jo

< -------------RIGHT NOW------------------ >

Wearing: dark oink cargo pants with a pink hoodie

Eating: Nothing.

Drinking: Nothing.

Thinking about: having to get upo to go to bed

Listening to: friggin eddie mc guire

< -----------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------ >

Cried: watching old buffy eps

Worn jeans: jim jams

Met someone new: yeah Tamara's family members

Done laundry: no

Drove a car: no

< ---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-------------- >

Yourself: no

Your Friends: Yes.

Santa: No but for any kiddies reading this , yes, yes i do

Tooth Fairy: No.

Angels: mmm i'd like to but no not really

UFO's: no

< -----------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------ >

Do you hate anyone?: Yes.

Who's the shyest?: yeah me , it's fantastic

What's the best feeling in the world? having friends around that enjoy your company and listening to a new cd u absoloutley love

Worst feeling: vomitting

Who will respond to this email post the fastest:pffffft

Who did you send share this to who won't respond: same as above

Who sent this to you: jo kinda did

< *************QUESTIONS PEOPLE ADD***************** >

What’s your favorite jelly flavor?: red

What’s the most illegal thing you've done?: uh j walked , am i gunna go to jail for this

Time now: 9:32pm stop asking me that

Who is your all time favorite band/singer: Something for kate, Paul Dempsey

What are you listening to now?: eddieeee

What is your biggest fear? never finding my one true love and by one true love i mean a man , not seven cats in a one bedroom flat and spiders in my bed

Do you believe in reincarnation? Yes.

What’s your biggest regret? not standing up for myself in secondary school

What’s your life motto? if it lands on the floor it's still edible

Are you left or right handed? Right.

Fave celebrity? jake gylenhaal right now

Fave comedian: the boys from mighty boosh

What can you not stand? eddie mc guire and racist people , not in that order

Do u believe in the supernatural? yeah but no whacky stuff

What animal would u want to be? one of those camoflage ones

Name 1 thing you would like to do before you die: dance like no-ones watching, marry, find a job i liked

What is your favorite cheese? Jarlsberg.

Why do these bloomin' emails surveys take so bloomin' long to fill in?!: i don't know the same reason why people still use the word bloomin, utter craziness

Is rock gonna take over the world again? I hope so anything but pop or country or techno

What's your fave flavor chips? honey and soy

What's your lucky number? 19

Are you scared of dying? No. i'm more scared of life staying the same

Do you sing in the car? Yes as a passenger

Do you like stuff?
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