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1) Is egobrain a high school student? si
2) If egobrain and mithrilheart were spliced together, what would it be like? madness
3) Is mithrilheart an emo? indeed
4) How would egobrain conquer the world? through laughter
5) Thoughts on egobrain? funny lively
6) Is mithrilheart friends with egobrain? friends and cousins
7) Is mithrilheart related to you? yes
8) What do you agree with mithrilheart about? we agree that we will always stay in touch and that britney spears sometimes song is fun to sing
9) Do you have mithrilheart's screenname? um yeah
10) If egobrain and mithrilheart were spliced together, what would be its name? Borris
11) Does mithrilheart drink? yes
12) Where did you first meet egobrain? in lakes entrance
13) Is mithrilheart popular? hell yeah
14) Does mithrilheart do drugs? mainly cough medicine
15) What mental disorder does egobrain remind you of? truckaphobia the fear of blue singlet tops
16) Do egobrain and mithrilheart go to the same school? no
17) Is egobrain your best friend? a friend
18) Is egobrain introverted or extroverted? extro and likely to never read this
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